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  100 years of Spanish Cooking 

Cooking and perfectionism (especially in the kitchen) are a huge part of our family identity. Our great grandparents and grandparents owned multiple Spanish restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. From these experiences, my grandmother honed her skills and wrote Clarita's Cocina and Clarita's Cooking Lighter. 

My brother and I missed the smell of saffron in our kitchens and the laughter that came along with Sunday dinners. We decided to cook more and bring back our family favorites. On our website, we hope to share our love for cooking. In Cooking Tips, we simplify the recipes found in Clarita's Cocina for people our age. You will still enjoy cooking and get a delicious result. We also have a Tool Box section that highlights cooking techniques and kitchen equipment we love. Lastly, we have a section Food and Culture, a topic that has become very popular over the last few years. 


Professionally we are not in the kitchen, but have completed courses (which I highly recommend) at the International Culinary Center in New York City. We hope you enjoy our site and it brings you back into the kitchen cooking your abuelos y abuelas favorites. 

 Melissa and Forrest 



This practical and convenient guide for novice and experienced cooks alike offers instructions with charming anecdotes and countless down-to-earth pointers for Spain's most famous dishes! - Studio 10 TV


Keep this one on a shelf that's easy to get to, because after you read it, you are going to go back to it time and time again. - Orlando Sentinel


Full of mouthwatering recipes most families would savor. - Chicago Tribune


Instructions are very easy to follow and one of the things I love about this book (besides the great recipes) are the stories Clarita shares. . . . Pick up a copy of this book. You won't be sorry. - Tina McUlbertson in Novel Meals

This classic cookbook from Clarita García, a legendary Tampa chef, is filled cover-to-cover with delicious, foolproof recipes and interesting background stories. Clarita's Cocina is my go-to for the best dishes from Spain, Cuba, and (of course) Tampa, one of the true culinary gems in North America. Highly recommended! - Amazon Reviewer

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