Do I need to wear a safety harness if I am going in the MEWP

Yes, to ensure your safety when either operating or as a passenger in any of our MEWP's we do require you to wear a safety harness with a lanyard to an anchor point in the basket.

Can the MEWP run on electric?

Yes! All of our machines have the ability to be run on mains power, we can provide various lengths of cable and transformers which can be plugged into a household plug!

Is there a safety limit on wind speeds?

Yes, 12.5 meters per second (27mph). We will keep an eye on the weather on the run up to your hire, if the windspeeds exceed safe working limits we will advise you and look to rearrange. All operated hires come with annononymeters to allow the operator to work upto the limit safely.

I have an IPAF Card, can I hire a MEWP

Essentially yes, there are a few points to check before we let you hire the MEWP; - The IPAF card needs to be valid & in date. - You need the relevent ticket (1B) - You have your own hired in plant insurance or you add it to your hire with Up & Out Platforms

Will the MEWP damage my driveway, lawn or patio?

Up & Out Platforms will take protective measures such as using ply or trak-mats for the MEWP's to track over and act as additional spreader pads for the outriggers. Up & Out Platforms does not take responsibility for damaged caused.

Can the MEWP be used inside?

Yes! With non-marking rubber tracks and electric operation, our MEWPs are perfectly designed for working internally.

Why use a MEWP rather than scaffolding?

Here's 5 points as to why using a MEWP is smarter than scaffolding; - Rapid, from the point of arival our platforms can be set up in just 15 minutes! - Flexible, access a vast range of the building from one single area. - Work where you need to work, not where you are forced to. No more straining to reach things. - Cost effective, highly competetive hire rates often prove cheaper than scaffolding counterpart - Work above the roof not on it preventing damage to fragile roofs on the property.

Hire Period

Up & Out Platform classes a half day hire as 4 Hours and a full day hire as 8 hours. We allow for 15 minute grace period on the half day hire before the package automatically upgrades to a full day hire.

Can a MEWP be used for tree surgeons?

Absolutly! With the Health & Safety Executive pushing more for tree surgeons to make climbing a last resort, using a MEWP ensures the safety of tree surgeons when tackling diseased, dangerous and difficult trees!

Would you work at night?

Yes, our team of experienced operators will work around you, this includes night work, out-of-hours and weekend work to minimise any disruption to you or your business.